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Ecological problem in Taraz, Kazakhstan


GSP-Project Ltd received a contract from Karlskrona LC AB for consulting services in the development of a feasibility study for the construction of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Taraz. This work is the first and necessary phase towards the solution of the current ecological catastrophe in the town. The environmental situation in Taraz is critical, because there are no treatment plant in the city today.
The feature of the water supply in Taraz is the intake of drinking water from underground aquifers. According to experts, the existing fields of filtration of wastewater become obsolete both physically and morally. In addition, they are filled with a 6-meter layer of dirt, household garbage and waste.
The filtration area does not accommodate that volume of wastewater, which is supplied daily, and the existing dams are in dilapidated condition. As a result, residents of settlements adjacent to the filtration fields suffer from the stench, as well as from the penetration of untreated sewage into the groundwater, which can eventually lead to mass poisoning and death.
Our employees together with kazakh specialists, are currently developing a feasibility study for the treatment of municipal wastewater in Taraz. The work is carried out in two stages. First of all, an approximate estimate of the cost of construction, as well as the development of demonstration materials for public hearing. Secondly, the provision of consulting services in the development of technical solutions for water treatment.
These measures initiated removal of the situation that threatens the health of residents. The successful cooperation of Karlskrona LC AB and GSP-Project Ltd is intended to improve the environmental situation in Taraz.