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In 2014, GSP-Project Ltd implemented the complex project of the reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in the village Chekmagush, Republic of Bashkortostan.

Happy World Environment Day!

Exhibition “Su Arnasy – 2015” took place at Astana city, Kazakhstan, in 27-29 May 2015.

Happy Victory Day!

GSP-Project Ltd joined the Russian Association of water and wastewater (RAWW) – the first professional community in the post-Soviet space, uniting more than 80% of the centralized water supply and purification of the Russian Federation.

International Workers’ Day!

Reconstruction of WWTP of Moscow Municipal Oncological Hospital №62.

Happy Women’s Day 2015!

In 2013 GSP-Project Ltd started cooperation with ZAO (Private Limited Company) “Vodokanal”, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. In the middle of February 2015 the renewed pump was successfully started, having replaced old-fashioned equipment.

GSP-Project Ltd became a participant of the Main Sewage Pumping Station modernization in Sarapul. MSPS was successfully started in January 2015.