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In November 2014 under the project of Ivanovo WWTP reconstruction GSP-Project Ltd signed the contract for equipment supply.

In 2004 according to the reorganization and modernization program the Sestroretsk WWTP it was equipped with a set of solutions Sulzer ABS.

In March 2017, GSP-Project Ltd signed the contract for reconstruction engineering design of plant pumping station and stormwater collection system.

In January 2017, GSP-Project Ltd negotiated the contract for engineering design of Kshenskiy sugar plant water recycling system reconstruction.

In November 2016, GSP-project Ltd signed the agreement to develop engineering design of Kursk brewing company Ltd local WWTP.

The GSP-Project Ltd experts made mathematical modeling of biological treatment processes; the airflow required for aeration as well as estimated reconstruction economic efficiency.

The GSP-Project Ltd company won a contract for delivery of Sulzer turbocompressors in 2014, and by 2016 our experts have delivered equipment and have completed the adjustment and start-up of air-blowing station.

Velikiye Luki biological wastewater treatment plant confronted serious challenges such as dramatic deterioration of incoming wastewater, high maintenance charges and low quality of wastewater treatment.

In March 2016 the turbocompressor Sulzer type HST was successfully launched on WWTP in Berezovskiy city.

As a part of modernization Submerged Sewage Pump Type XFP100E-CB1, with waterproof premium efficiency motors (3-phase with squirrel-cage motor), station was provided.