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GSP-Project Ltd offers a broad range of products and services for a large variety of applications. Based on our deep understanding of industry needs, our long experience, strong technical competencies, and continuous innovation, we can provide you outstanding reliability and performance.



The submersible sewage pump XFP was the first pump with a submersible motor meeting the premium-efficiency IE3 standard. Today it still leads the field for reliability and energy performance, thanks especially to new advances in the Contrablock Plus impeller technology, specifically engineered to handle today’s tough wastewater. With its premium...more>


One of the leading profiles of Sulzer, the world leader in pumping equipment – processing pumps line. These pumps are used in environments with corrosive fluids, in the presence of abrasive materials in water, as well as with paper stocks and chemical slurries. Sulzer process pumps have several advantages: Energy efficiency. Easy maintenance service. Durability...more>


Sulzer Pumps first launched the ABS submersible mixer XRW as an innovative medium-speed mixer concept in 2010. After widespread success, it is now available as a complete mixer range with motor technologies adapted to varying applications. The ABS submersible mixer XRW was introduced as the first submersible mixer with a permanent magnet motor. But its...more>



The New Generation of World-Class Turbocompressor HST has long been the leader in turbocompressors for the wastewater industry. This leadership is cemented by the new ABS turbocompressor HST 20, which represents our third generation of fully air-cooled turbocompressor technology. HST was the first with direct-driven high-speed...more>


Sulzer’s state of the art offering for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment includes turbocompressors, aeration systems and mechanical aerators. Our application and process know-how combined with our unique product portfolio give us the means to provide customers with reliable and efficient solutions. We aid in selecting components...more>


Equipment for control and monitoring To achieve the optimal operation of various pumping stations types ABS develops controllers and control panels with powerful unique built-in functions. Products and service ABS also offers easy to control, based on internet technology solutions for control and monitoring which are developed individually for each type of pump stations...more>


 Dranaige pumps

Submersible dranaige pumps are designed to meet tough challenges in construction sites, tunnels and mines. The compact and robust design combines low weight with high capacity and high abrasion resistance for efficient handling of dirty water. Dranaige pumps are excellent for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives...more>



A grinderss with a pull-back cutter stack, which allows removal for maintenance without disturbing the pepeline. For raw sewage systems, to protect downstream pumps and equipment, and designed for fine grinding of sludge, within the sludge treatment plant where grinding improves digestion. Available in different models with configurations...more>