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Sludge filters series SF

Sludge filters GSP SF series are meant for dewatering and sediment packing on water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

Sludge filter GSP SF series is a system with reservoir and tubes where filter-packets are fixated.

  • The humidity of dewatered sediment is 75-80%
  • The equipment is designed for unwatering of 15-180 kg of sediment
  • Sludge filter is made of stainless steel
  • Sludge filter is equipped with water tanks
  • The filter-packets with dry sediments are convenient for transportation and stocking

Use of sludge filters GSP SF series for dewatering sediment allow to avoid the use of sludge drying sites and reduces installation costs of wastewater treatment.


Sludge filter performance


Quantity of sewage sludge

on a dry matter basis


width, height


cycle (h)

Housekeeping  Quantity of bagful
SFG1 15 600x520x1730 24 manual 1
SFG2 30 1140x500x1730 24 manual 2
SFAA3 45 1500x500x1730 24 automatic 3
SFAA6 90 1600x1000x1730 24 automatic 6
SFAA12 180 3350x1100x2000 24 automatic 12

*-SF- Sludge filters; G- gravitation; A- air; A- automatic equipment.

**- One bagful - about 15 kg of dry matter of spent slurry (sludge)

Request for dewatering

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