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Modular containers

Modular containers

Our modular containers GSP are a flexible solution at an affordable price designed individually for water and wastewater treatment. The modular structure is based on containers, products of advanced technologies and contemporary designs. They are made of metal structure complying with the energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design requirements. The various sizes and options for configuring of the components provide for the manufacturing of facilities in compliance with any customer's requirements.
Elements of modular building structures are an expression of the serial factory production systems of mainly standart components - elements that are combined - by composing solutions or a combination of compiling the individual container modules as a higher degree of modular construction units, or complete products for the market. Walls, floors and ceilings are made of either wood or zinc-coated metal sheets or section tubes – according to the design of the container and the needs of customers.


  • Speed – in comparison with conventional building techniques the whole process is 2/3 shorter – it enhances the efficiency of the whole project. As the modules are made and assembled in a hall, it is possible to build throughout all year.
  • Variability – the building is designed according to the desires of the client, moreover, it can be expanded after completion. The whole building process is clean and noiseless.
  • Mobility – at any time it is possible to disassemble the whole building and transport it to another place where it may be reassembled. It can also be expanded later, which is a considerable advantage in comparison with traditional building. Then you can invest also on a rented place.
  • Favourable price – as the modules are manufactured at our place and the whole assembly takes a short time, the overall building costs are lowered. The building process which uses modules is fast and clean, which saves time and money. It is easy to calculate how much you save if you shorten the building time by 2/3 in comparison with the traditional building process.

Air-blower stations

Block-modular air-blower stations are designed to supply compressed air to aerotanks, sandtraps, pre-aerators, sludge stabilizers, reagent facilities, and other objects that consume air in wastewater treatment plants. Main equipment: high-speed turbocompressors complete with control system. Block-modular air-blower stations are an engineering solution and used for compact layout of process equipment and optimization of construction costs.


Firefighting stations

Water pumps lie at the heart of a firefighting system. Reliable operation under extreme time conditions is a key requirement. Our modular containers with fire pump system delivers optimum performance and features to ensure minimum maintenance is required due to long periods on standby. Firefighting pumps are switched on when pressure in firefighting system drops (fire, pressure fluctuations). In order to avoid the constant operation of the pumps, it is important to equip the station with a small centrifugal pump (jockey pump), which will maintain constant pressure in pipeline system. If station is equipped with several pumps, individual start-up pressure is installed for each pump.


UVD Stations

The UV lamps for water treatment consist of specialized low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps. The UV lamp never contacts the water; it is either housed in a quartz glass sleeve inside the water chamber or mounted external to the water which flows through the transparent UV tube. Water passing through the flow chamber is exposed to UV rays which are absorbed by suspended solids, such as microorganisms and dirt, in the stream. Sizing of a UV system is affected by three variables: flow rate, lamp power, and UV transmittance in the water. UV manufacturers typically developed sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models validated with bioassay testing.

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