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Reagent preparation

Reagent preparation unit RPU series

Unit GSP RPU for preparation and dispensing of coagulating agents, flocculation agents and other reagents for water treatment.


  • The unit guarantees high quality of reagent dispersion in water, fast preparation and accuracy of polymer solution dispensing.
  • Concentration and discharge of polymer solution can be changed according to processing conditions.
  • The unit can operate in manual and automatic mode.
  • The handling is performed from control board of polymer’s preparation and dispensing unit.
  • The unit guarantees compliance with safety requirements.
  • Compactability of the unit, exploitation reliability, ease of operation, high efficiency in operation.

Assemblage of polymer’s preparation and dispensing unit consists of: cylinder for polymeric powder, mixing tank, propeller mixer, lift pump, dispensing tank, dispensing pump, control board, portable ladder.


Performance specifications

Installation type Quantity of vessels Volume vessels, m3 Polymer reservoir (l)
PRU30-1A 1 1 30
PRU30-0.7/0.7 2 0.7+0.7 30
PRU30-1/1A 2 1+1 30
PRU60-2/2A 2 2+2 60
PRU60-3/3A 2 3+3 60
PRU80-4/4A 2 4+4 80
PRU100-5/5A 2 5+5 100

Request for reagent preparation solution

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