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Sulzer Pumps first launched the ABS submersible mixer XRW as an innovative medium-speed mixer concept in 2010. After widespread success, it is now available as a complete mixer range with motor technologies adapted to varying applications. The ABS submersible mixer XRW was introduced as the first submersible mixer with a permanent magnet motor. But its defining feature was not the motor itself. It was the mixer’s unique balance of energy efficiency and economy. Sulzer Pumps has kept this balance in focus when expanding the ABS submersible mixer XRW into a full product range. To maintain it at various speeds, three distinct motor configurations have been used

The Right Motor Solution to Match the Mixing Task

Two factors decide the configuration of the ABS submersible mixer XRW. The first is the required intensity of the mixing and flow. The second is how premium efficiency can be achieved most economically. Three motor configurations provide the best possible balance

The Slow-Running Mixer Range With World-Class Savings

Now available for the entire flow range and further optimized, the slow-running submersible mixer ABS low booster XSB cuts energy consumption by up to 25%. This is achieved through a premium-efficiency motor, a highly efficient gearbox and a unique, innovative design that boosts mixer efficiency. Launched in 2011 as the world’s biggest and most efficient slow-running submersible mixer, the ABS flow booster XSB has now been expanded into a complete range. This makes it ideal for wastewater circulation and flow generation in nitrification, denitrification, and chemical phosphate removal stages

Premium Efficiency and More

All models of the ABS flow booster XSB have premium-efficiency IE3 motors and highly efficient gearboxes. Together with newly optimized propellers, these features give you the highest reliability and efficiency – in any size

  • High speeds – Premium-efficiency IE3 squirrel-cage motor
  • Medium speeds – Premium-efficiency permanent-magnet motor (IE3-equivalent)
  • Medium-low speeds – Premium-efficiency IE3 motor with gearbox

Request for submersible mixer

Download and fill out the questionnaire for selecting submersible mixers, and send it to e-mail: info@gsp-project.com to receive our offer for the product you are interested in