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Series XSB

New generation XSB 900-2750

Introducing the slow-running mixer range with world-class savings.

Energy costs for mixers are about 80% of lifecycle costs, and premium-efficiency motors cut energy consumption dramatically.

Compared with other slow-running mixer models on the market, the flow booster XSB reduces energy consumption by up to 25%, thanks to the efficiency of its IE3 motor.


Highly Effective Mixing In WWT Plants


Smart Features

New blade design

Modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) procedures for a broad range of inlet velocities were used to ensure propeller and profile optimization. A combination of highly elastic design and geometry gives the propeller extreme smoothness and vibration damping, which reduces the strain on the drive unit.

Easy-to-mount propellers

Propellers for the Sulzer flow booster XSB are designed for easy transport and installation. Most models are mounted complete, while the larger 3-blade models have a special design that allows them to be attached blade-by-blade. This facilitates transport and eliminates the need for special tools.

The patented mounting pedestal

The patented concrete pedestal is unique for this mixer and is designed to efficiently absorb vibration.

More over:

– the streamlined shape of the base eliminates turbulence and therefore improves the efficiency of the propeller;
– the mass and material characteristics of the concrete base suppress all damaging vibration;
– H2S resistance and a robust connection to the tank floor ensure high reliability and a long operating life.