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Lifting device LD

Lifting device LD 100-400

Lifting devices of GSP LD line are meant to lifting and descending manually all types of modern submersible devices: mixing machines, pumps, aerators produced by SULZER, for the purpose of their assembling and servicing.

Lifting devices of GSP LD line are presented by set of configurations of different capacity and different arm range. At design and in table  main standard sizes and maximum capacity (M) GSP LD line are presented.

Lifting devices of GSP LD line of all configurations consist of Lift and Baseplate. The lift includes a column, where an arm with changeable range, hand lever and manual drum hoist with wire rope cable are fixed. One end of the wire rope cable is fixed at winding barrel, the other one is equipped with a hook or connecting device kind of ‘loop-fork’ swivel. On the column there is a name plate with the marking of configuration type of Lifting device, line of submersible devices that this configuration suits, serial number of a product and maximum capacity of this configuration.

Types of lifting devices:

Lifting device baseplate can be realized in three variants:

  • for wall mounting
  • floor mounting 
  • mounting in concrete foundation


  A,mm B,mm C,mm D, mm H, mm H1,mm H2,mm L,mm SxS, mm M max,kg
LD100 772 692 612  532  1905  1680  1260 1100  60x60  105
LD200 1027 947 867  787  2007  1730  1310 1600  60x60  200
LD300 1222 1122 1022  922  2450  2172  1622  1650  100x100  300
LD400 1072 972 872    -  2450  2172  1622  1600  100x100  400