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Process pumps


One of the leading profiles – processing pumps line. These pumps are used in environments with corrosive fluids, in the presence of abrasive materials in water, as well as with paper stocks and chemical slurries

Process pumps have several advantages:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy maintenance service
  • Durability

Equipment reliability is achieved by the special construction of pump case which sufficiently large wall thickness. Additional equipment of seals, wear compensator and the iron support provides structural strength. Energy efficiency of the pump unit – is a result of increased performance factor in this series. These pumps performance factor up to 90%! Energy-savings during operation are guaranteed by mandatory manufacturer’s inspection for compliance with standard ISO 9906. For best efficiency you can choose pump production of any of the materials

Easy maintenance service – one of the objectives to which Sulzer engineers sought during processing pumps designing. Even long-term operation in rigid conditions does not require additional service – only regular lubrication of the bearings. The pumps construction it self consist of several main parts, what allows, if necessary, to replace only one part and to save money on expensive repair of entire pump. Durability is provided by smooth inner pump cavern. Modified bearing assembly – under normal operating conditions bearing life at least 50 000 hours

Request for water pump

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