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Control systems


Equipment for control and monitoring

To achieve the optimal operation of various pumping stations types Sulzer develops controllers and control panels with powerful unique built-in functions. We offer the wastewater industry the most advanced functionality available on   the market.

Sulzer also offers easy to control, based on internet technology solutions for control and monitoring which are developed individually for each type of pump stations.

Studies have shown that 30%-50% of the energy consumed by pump systems could be saved through changes to equipment or control systems. This is achieved by the Sulzer pump controllers, which control and monitors from up to 4 submersible pumps. They can also be used as stand-alone monitoring units. The pump controllers are designed mainly for use in municipal wastewater pumping stations. The many advanced features minimize operational costs and increase the availability of pumping stations and networks throughout their complete life cycles.

Unique control functions reduce energy consumption and servicing

Many advanced features can be used to minimize energy consumption and maximize station availability. Good examples of these benefits are:

  • Tariff control that can pump down and shift start/stop levels depending on energy cost and required sump volume at estimated high load.
  • Random start/stop levels, reducing fat build up and production of sulfuric acid.
  • Asymmetric alternation increases the security of available pump capacity and can also be used to address problems with pump clogging caused by debris sludge build-up in problem stations.

Real-life value with the Sulzer pump controllers

  • Heavy rainfall threatens city (Risk of flooding). The start/stop of the smart level derivate change function of the Sulzer pump controllers detects a quicker than normal raise of water level and starts pumping before the set start level, thereby preventing flooding. As a safety precaution, the system also sends an SMS alert.
  • Breakdown of pump #1 last night (Risk for total stop and flooding if second pump also breaks).  The clever asymmetric start function of the Sulzer pump controllers has kept one pump running at much lower running hours thereby minimizing the risk for a total breakdown. The system sends an SMS alert for pump to be changed at the earliest convenience.
  • Empty the station before “rush hour” (Reducing energy costs by running pumps using off-peak electricity).  The start/stop setting on the energy time setting function of the Sulzer pump controllers allows the pump to start and empty the station during lower-cost energy periods.
  • Reduce clogging by individual exercise runs (Reducing the risk of clogging by individual pump running schemes).  The clever control functions of the Sulzer pump controllers allow different pumps in a station to be run independently, which can reduce the risk of pump clogging, for example.
  • Don’t pump water higher than needed (Keep the start/stop levels at optimal height in order to save pumping energy). The start/stop levels can easily be changed via our AquaProg remote control to, e.g. raise the start/stop levels at periods with less rain. Higher start/stop levels mean that less energy is needed for pumping.
  • Don’t overload your network and raise energy bills (Avoid water hammer and peak pressure on a network). The intelligent setting of individual start and stop levels for pumps and stations allows you to avoid water hammer and put less pressure on hydraulic and electrical networks. Each pump starts at the optimal time to help prevent flooding in the most efficient way

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