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Aeration systems


Our state of the art offering for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment includes turbocompressors, aeration systems and mechanical aerators

Our application and process know-how combined with our unique product portfolio give us the means to provide customers with reliable and efficient solutions

Top efficiency at lowest cost

Our aeration systems only use compressed air to enhance the natural biological process. Clever aeration and mixing solutions decrease reaction times. This way we can boost the air-to-liquid interaction to help you obtain top efficiency at the lowest cost while minimizing the environmental impact

System optimization

You can further improve treatment efficiencies while shrinking basin surfaces. Existing or new plants with space limitations can increase the liquid depth of basins to be deeper than 12 m with our solution

We make use of our process knowledge in combination with the most complete range of equipment in the market. We help you select the best combination of air compressors, fine bubble diffusers systems, submersible mixers, self aspirating and pressurized submersible aerators and recirculation pumps

Our job is to help you increase plant productivity while reducing the life cycle cost

Request for aeration equipment

Download and fill out the questionnaire for selecting aeration equipment, and send it to e-mail: info@gsp-project.com to receive our offer for the product you are interested in