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OKI 1000

Sulzer Nopon submersible aerator mixer OKI 1000

The Sulzer Nopon submersible aerator mixer OKI 1000 is a heavy duty machine suitable for applications in continuous and/or intermittent aeration of both municipal and industrial wastewater. It can withstand many harsh types of wastewater with no performance degradation and will tackle intermittent process problems better than most alternatives. In the OKI compressed air is distributed through a flexible hose down to the machine.

Air enters through the stator and is passed on to the rotating rotor. The rotor has narrow slits close to the centre where air is dispersed. As the rotor sucks water from underneath the machine bubbles of air disperse into the water passing the slits. The aerated water exits the machine through the stator tubes ensuring even water and air distribution all around the basin. The low speed rotation ensures that flocks are maintained. The turbulence at the tip of the rotor blades enables high oxygen transfer.


  • Adjustable oxygen transfer
  • Good pumping capacity
  • Superb anti-clogging performance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Steady alpha factor
  • Lifetime sustainable high aeration efficiency
  • Especially suited for heavy duty and intermittent processes
  • Easy and quick installation without emptying the tank
  • Liftable for easy maintenance
  • No air cooling in deep tanks
  • Usually delivered complete including suitable air hose, lifting cable and electrical cables making installation safe and easy

Product range

Available in 18 different models to meet the most various types of aeration and mixing requirements. The ABS Nopon submersible aerator mixer OKI 1000 series is a natural choice for industrial and municipal applications. The high quality gear motor guarantees performance and long lasting operational life minimizing the maintenance costs.

  A AM AM2
A 03 05 03
B 04 07 04
A 05 07 05
B 07 11 07
C 11 15 11








A 15 18 15
B 18 25 18
C 22 30 20
A 30 37 26
B 37   30

Example: OKI 1090B-18A

1 design of the stator & rotor (1 for OKI 1000 series and 2 for OKI 2000 series)
090 nominal diameter of the rotor [cm]
B SOTR and power characteristics
18 rated power of the motor is 18,5 kW
A aerator (mixing without air is not possible)
AM aerator + mixer (mixing without air at high speed)
AM2 aerator + mixer (mixing without air at low speed)

Components and materials

  Description Material
 1 Frame Fe37B, epoxy painted
 2 Rotor AISI 316
 3 Rotor screw AISI 316
 4 Stator and stator ducts AISI 316
 5 Heavy duty shaft seal AISI 316
 6 Lifting bail AISI 316
 7 Lifting cable AISI 316
 8 Drive unit (geared motor) Cast iron, epoxy painted
 9 Cable support AISI 316
 10 Cables Neoprene rubber sheath
 11 Airlock Resin
 12 Nameplate AISI 316
 13 Hose flange (with seal) AISI 316
 14 Hose clamps AISI 316
 15 Process air hose EPDM (reinforced)
 16 Hose straps EPDM

Technical specification


OKI 1070 - series

OKI 1090 - series

Protection type



Standard voltage(1

400 V / 50 Hz

400 V / 50 Hz

Temperature control

Thermal switch


Thermal switch


Main dimension [mm]

(lenght x depth x height)(2





Unit weight [kg](2(4



Installation depth [m]



SOTR [kg O2/ h] (2(3



Air flow rate [m3/ min, 20°C](2(5  


1) Other options for 50 Hz: 230 V, 380 V, 415 V, 500 V, 660 V and 690 V. Also available for 60 Hz: 230 V, 440 V, 460 V and 575 V.

2) Depends on the model

3) At 8 meters

4) Without accessories

5) Depends on installation depth