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Reconstruction works

If you have a task of reconstruction project or modernization of wastewater treatment facilities GSP-Project Ltd experts are ready to support you at every phase of reconstruction.

Full or partial reconstruction or modernization of wastewater treatment plants is a complex engineering challenge requiring high proficiency at all phases of project realization.

The main reasons causing the necessity of wastewater facilities reconstruction are the following:

  • Inconformity of treated sewage water quality with current statutory ecological requirements
  • Destruction of building structures
  • Wear of process equipment
  • Pipe corrosion
  • High operation costs
  • Change of quality and volume of wastewater being treated

GSP-Project Ltd uses only modern effective technologies of wastewater treatment, carries out the whole complex of design, building and reconstruction of wastewater facilities and guarantees high quality of works, reliability and efficiency of wastewater treatment system, high level of warranty service to its clients.

Request for reconstruction works

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