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Scaba Side-Mounted Horizontal Agitator

Sulzer Scanpump Scaba Side-Mounted Horizontal Agitator


Used in a variety of different agitation processes within the pulp and paper industry such as blow tank, high density towers, latency chest, bleaching towers, blend-ing- and machine chests.


The agitators are of robust modular design and can be combined with various types of drive units, seals and impellers. This flexibility enables the agitator to be adapted optimally to the process requirements.

Drive units

Gear driven agitator series

The gear driven agitator series is designed for heavy duty as well as light duty. The gear boxes are of standard brand, which simplifies service and ensures good availability of spare parts. The gear boxes, seals and bearings can be serviced and maintained with the agitator remaining in the tank. One double spherical roller bearing with adapter sleeve. The shaft bearings have theoretical operating life of 100 000 hours. Designed for power ratings ranging from 0.12 to 110kW.Can be equipped with a standard IEC flange motor.

SKPT, V-belt driven agitators

Specially designed for heavy duty. Seals and bearings can be serviced and maintained with the agitator remaining in the tank. Two double spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeve with a theoretical operating life of 100 000 hours. Standard type of V-belt drive which is easily adjust-able. The agitator is equipped with standard foot-mounted motor. Designed for power ratings ranging from 2.2kW to 250kW.

Housing with shaft bearing

A range of housing is used, and these can be adapted to most drive units.


Propeller diameter 500mm-1500mm (20-60 inches)
Power up to 250 kW (335 hp)
Shaft length up to 1500mm (60 inches)

Housing for shaft seal

Side entering agitators are always equipped with shaft seals. The housing is designed to accommodate either a stuffing box or a variety of optional mechanical seals. The connecting flange of the housing can be delivered in different dimensions.


Power ratings 0.12kW-250kW.


Sulzer uses their own patended or designed registered impellers. Combined with our extensive know-how, these impellers produce the best possible process re-sults at the lowest possible energy cost. The wide-span-ning range of impellers enable us to select the optimum element for each individual application.The Scaba high-flow propeller SHP1 or SHP18 is used to generate good axial flow.

Shaft seals

The shaft seals are designed to maintain the required pressure in the tank and to prevent leakage through the shaft entry.

Shaft seals for side-mounted agitators



Our high-flow propeller which is ac-knowledged for its energy-efficiency and effectiveness.It is just as effective on difficult suspensions and reactions as it is on homogenizing and mixing. Intended for viscosities up to 50 000 mPas.

  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Suspensions
  • Reactions
  • Medium-high viscosities


A registered-design development of the SHP1.Offers better effectiveness at lower viscosities. Low weight allows lighter shaft design.

  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Suspensions
  • Low viscosities