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Original Equipment

Global Solutions Provider’s technologies and ideas are realized in modular, block-modular and assembled systems and are widely used for water & wastewater treatment facilities. For biologic purification of domestic and municipal wastewater from organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus GSP-Project Ltd Company uses the newest technologies and equipment that provides high quality of effluents, high efficiency and small volume of constructions.



Process equipment

Modern development level and the presented variety of realization methods of sewage treatment technologies progressed reached the stage when the manufacturability degree of used equipment has an effect on the working efficiency of sewerage treatment facilities. The most modern engineering solutions are implemented in the equipment produced by our manufacturing unit – Kamensky Municipal Equipment Factory, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. more>



GSP-Project Ltd  technologies  are  realized  in  modular,  block-modular  and  assembled  units and  are  widely  used  for  water & wastewater  treatment  facilities.  Achievement  of  quality  satisfying  the  requirements  specified  for  discharge  into  the  ponds  of  1st  category commercial  fishing  importance.   Complete  stations  can  be  transported  by  open  rail  or  road.  BIO-M  stations  of  full  biological  wastewater  treatment  from organic matter, nitrogen. more>



Estruagua, Spain is a wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. Products include equipment: for pre-clarification, screening, sludge treatment and for sedimentation tanks. Advanced technology, research and continuous development allow to manufacture a high quality equipment that helps to make our world cleaner and greener every day. GSP-Project Ltd is a local partner of Estruagua in Russia. more>