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Roll type series BIO-M


  • Treatment facilities performance is up 10 000 m3/day
  • These type of stations include all the wastewater treatment stages
  • Aerotanks are implemented as a vertical steel tanks mounted on baseplate
  • The station is a finished building in which all the necessary technologies, structures and equipment are installed
  • Baseplate is a monolithic concrete reinforced plate


  • High quality of purification
  • Compactness, easy installation
  • Sludge treatment technology which excludes the construction of sludge sites
  • Special anti-corrosion coatings usage ensuring durability of bioreactors
  • Low operating costs


  • Treatment facilities of any capacity can be assembled by changing the height, diameter and number of technological tanks
  • The basis of process is the cyclic wastewater treatment under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • Deep wastewater purification from biogenic elements
  • Reduction of sludge mixture recirculation
  • Reduction of oxygen consumption


  • Minimum investment for construction process
  • Tanks and metal structures mounted on specially prepared concrete base
  • Installation of tanks, process equipment and piping system is made by method of componentwise assembly on the site
  • Constructions provide resistance to: seismicity to 9 points; temperature changes from -40; wind velocity to 55 kgf-m