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GSP-Project Ltd in Kaliningrad WWTP

On April 13th, 2017 the GSP-Project Ltd company held the presentation of Sulzer solutions for employees of JSC OKOS (United wastewater treatment plant), Kaliningrad.

Leading experts of the Sulzer's process and eqipment solutions visited office of JSC OKOS for the presentation of equipment by Sulzer and discuss the experience of implementation of modern technologies of wastewater treatment processes.

The Chief Process Engineer of GSP-Project Ltd Ph.D. Nikolay Bolshakov told about "Optimization the cost of the modernization and improvement of energy efficiency of the work of urban wastewater treatment plants". The report addressed issues of minimizing the cost of upgrading facilities of the biological treatment of municipal wastewater. He spoke about the basic processes of deep biological treatment of urban wastewater from organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as necessary for their realization modern equipment.

The head of Sulzer wastewater department, Evgeny Gubarev held a seminar about features of operate and maintenance service of the modern pumping, mixing  and air-blowing equipment.

The seminar was attended by guests from the Baltiysk, Gusev, Chernyahovsk, Sovetsk, Kaliningrad, Gurievsk.

We thank JSC OKOS and we hope for effective cooperation!