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Launch of the Sulzer HST at the Izhevsk WWTP

Izhevsk Vodokanal has completed the modernization of equipment at the biological wastewater treatment plant. In June 2019 the contract between GSP-Project Ltd and energy service company - IES-Garant was signed, and in October 2019 at the Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy plant in Karhula, Finland, acceptance tests of the Sulzer HST 40 turbocompressors were carried out in the presence of the Customer. Despite the difficult conditions during the epidemic, the GSP-Project Ltd company's experts for the first time carried out remote start-up and adjustment of the equipment.The Head of the city of Izhevsk, Oleg Bekmemetyev during his inspection trip to the WWTP noted the importance of modernizing the engineering structures of the water utility.
Source: Izhevsk city administration  http://www.izh.ru/i/promo/64036.html
State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) Udmurtia https://udmtv.ru/news/v_izhevske_prodolzhaetsya_rekonstruktsiya_ochistny...