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Sulzer is time-tested. 13 years of trouble-free operation

The Sestroretsk wastewater treatment plant commissioned in 1976, is designed for 34 thousand inhabitants with a capacity of 17 000 m3/day.

In 2004 according to the reorganization and modernization program the plant was equipped with a set of biological treatment equipment ABS produced by Sulzer. The reconstruction project was completed in just 1 year without operation hold-up.

After renovation the plant became the first wastewater treatment plant in Russia operating in full accordance with the HELCOM recommendations - nitrogen and phosphorus removal after wastewater treatment. The ultraviolet disinfection of sewage is another innovation applied in Sestroretsk. This method is in general use all over the world, but in St. Petersburg it was firstly introduced in Sestroretsk.

During the reconstruction all basic facility was replaced, mechanical wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, sludge thickening shops were built, clarifiers and aeration tanks were overhauled and new compressors were installed. Treated and disinfected water is discharged to the Gulf of Finland via pipeline.

For 13 years the set of biological treatment equipment ABS produced by Sulzer provides reliable and trouble-free operation of wastewater treatment plant. And the whole time the GSP-Project team was next to the Customer dealing with Sulzer equipment operation and maintenance.