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Kirov BioKhim WWTP modernization

In June 2017, GSP-Project Ltd completed the research paper to make a feasibility study for the WWTP reconstruction and introduction of mechanical treatment process, modernization of averaging and sewage supply at Kirov BioKhim.
Established in 1972, today the Kirov BioKhim Plant is the world’s leader in bioenergy. It occupies an area of 58 hectares and has an annual turnover about 720 mln. RUB. The number of employees is more than 800 people.
The BioKhim Plant, a leader-plant in utilization of waste wood, realizes a deep recycling of wood and all waste products of a woody complex with production of ethanol fuel and thereby improves environmental situation.
At the moment, one of the key tasks of the plant is to modernize WWTP and increase the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment process.