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WWTP Ivanovo reconstruction

In November 2014 under the project of Ivanovo WWTP reconstruction GSP-Project Ltd signed the contract for equipment supply.
WWTP reconstruction is a part of the global project «Сommunal services reform in Russia" supported by the Governments of the Russian Federation and Sweden as well as by the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The Swedish party being interested in supplying Swedish high-tech equipment funded the construction documents development.
The unique character of the project lies in energy recovery.
At the first phase of WWTP modernization methane digesters block was constructed as a part of sludge treatment facilities improvement.
In 2015 GSP-Project Ltd supplied the equipment for methane digesters: vertical mixers Scaba series and degasation channels aeration systems.
The methane digesters construction resulted in 40% sludge reduction.  Refuse-derived biogas will provide WWTP with thermal and electric energy.