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Levoberezhnye wastewater treatment plants in Voronezh

Levoberezhnye wastewater treatment plants in Voronezh are intended for receiving and cleaning of industrial and domestic wastewater from facilities and organizations that serve the housing stock and also other subscribers diverting wastewater into the communal sewage system of Zheleznodorozhny, Levoberezhny and Leninsky districts of Voronezh.
GSP-Project Ltd experts carried out technological modeling of biological treatment processes and the required amount of air for aeration. They also calculated and substantiated the economic efficiency of modernization in 2016.
Recommendations for the installation of modern pumping, aerating, mixing equipment and also adjustable high-speed Sulzer HST turbocompressors were issued in order to increase the energy efficiency of the aerotank phase III operation.
Sulzer HST40 high-speed turbocomperssors were shipped and commissioned in September 2018. Sulzer HST40 is a high-efficiency and highly reliable single-stage centrifugal compressor for injecting of oil-free, compressed air. This modern equipment is intended to increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.