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WWTP Gliadenovo

GSP-Project Ltd experts made a feasibility study for the modernization of the wastewater treatment process in the aerotanks at the wastewater treatment plant Gliadenovo in the Perm city.
The WWTP Gliadenovo was commissioned in 1970. This site purifies municipal and industrial wastewater from the entire city. The total capacity of the WWTP is 440 000 m3/day. The audit showed that the technology of the WWTP in the Perm city is not effective enough. And the aeration equipment used at the site does not provide acceptable wastewater quality. In order to ensure the required wastewater treatment efficiency and increase the energy efficiency of WWTP, GSP-Project Ltd issued recommendations on the introduction of a new nitridenitrification technology and biological dephosphation. Transition to the new wastewater treatment process and installation of efficient aeration equipment based on disk membrane aerators PIK300 and  turbocompressors HST40 will provide the regulatory quality of wastewater treatment and energy saving.