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J 405

Sulzer submersible dranaige pump J 405

The low weight and compact design of the submersible drainage pump J 405 ensure convenient transport, handling, and installation. The pump is ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. 50 Hz: head max 90 meters, flow max 160 l/s. 60 Hz: head max 101 meters (331 feet), flow max 160 l/s (2540 gpm).


Electric submersible pump.
Maximum submergence: 20 m. Protection class IP 68.
Max temperature of pumped medium at max power input and continuous duty 40 ºC.
Max medium density 1100 kg/m3. pH of the pumped medium 5-8. Strainer hole: 8 x 34 mm.
Max number of starts 30/hour

Electric motor

3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor, 50 Hz:

Service factor 1.1. Class F insulation.
Motor rating P2: 21.0 kW.
Speed: 2910 rpm.

Voltage, V 400 500 690 1000
Nominal current, A 66.5 53 39 27



Starting method and motor protection

D.O.L. start with built-in contactor (400-690 V).
D.O.L. start with built-in terminal block (400-1000 V).
Star-Delta start with built-in terminal block (400-500 V).
When used with VFD, pump must be equipped with terminal block instead of contactor.

Power cable

20 m type H07RN8-F (standard cable):
4x10 sq.mm. (690 V DOL-start with contactor)
4x16 sq.mm. (400-500 V DOL-start with contactor)
4x10 sq.mm. + 4x1.5 sq.mm. (690 V DOL-start with terminal block)
4x16 sq.mm. + 4x1.5 sq.mm. (400-500 V DOL-start with terminal block)
2-4x6 sq.mm. + 4x1.5 sq.mm. (690 V star-delta start)
2-4x10 sq.mm. + 4x1.5 sq.mm. (400-500 V star-delta start)

20 m type NSSHÖU.../3E (heavy duty cable):
3x6+3x6/3E+3x1.5 (3 control cables included) (1000 V DOL-start)
3x10+3x10/3E+3x1.5 (3 control cables incl.) (690 V DOL-start)
3x16+3x16/3E+3x2.5 (3 control cables incl.) (400-500 V DOL-start)

Motor protection

Built-in thermal switches in the stator windings (140ºC, ±5), connected to built-in contactor or to separate control box.
DI leakage sensor as option, but not in combination with built-in contactor.

Shaft seal

Double mechanical seal in oil bath, mounted in seal cartridge for easy service.
Primary seal: Silicon carbide on silicon carbide.
Secondary seal: Silicon carbide on antimony treated carbon.


Upper bearing: Single-row deep groove ball bearing. 
Lower bearing: Double angular contact ball bearing.

Discharge connections

4" (standard HD), 6", 8" (standard ND) hose connections.
4", 6", 8" G/B.S.P. threaded connections.


270 kg (without cable)

Options and accessories

Zinc anodes. Surface protection coating.
Wear plate in polyurethane.  Electronic motor supervision.
Series connection. Starter and control units.
Automatic level control unit. Floatation system.
Repair kit. Discharge connection accessories and hose.


Description Material EN ASTM
Castings Aluminium EN 1706:AC-43100  ASTM AlSi10mg
Casing / Fasteners Stainless steel 10088:X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)  AISI 304
Shaft Stainless steel 10088:X20Cr13 (1.4021)  AISI 420
Impeller White cast iron EN-GJN-HV600(XCr23)  ASTM A 532: Alloy III A
Wear parts / O-rings Nitrile rubber