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Series XFP CB2

Sulzer submersible sewage pump XFP CB2

Submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP CB Plus is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater equipped with Premium  Efficiency IE3-level motor. Suitable for clean water and wastewater, sewage with sludge and highrag content, solids and fibrous mate-rial.


  • Premium Efficiency IE3 motors in accordance with NEMA and IEC 60034-30. Testing in accordance with IEC60034-2-1.
  • Premium Efficiency motors designed for VFD operation in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-25 A (Upeak< 1300 V).
  • The water-tight fully flood-proof motor and the pump section form a compact and robust unit, easy to clean and easy to service.
  • Water pressure sealed connection chamber, with two stage cable entry, protected against excessive cable tension and bending.
  • Bimetallic thermal sensors in the stator which open at 140 °C (284 °F).
  • Rotor and shaft dynamically balanced, upper and lower bearings lubricated-for-life, maintenance-free.
  • Insulated upper bearing for VFD operation standard for PE6 and optional for PE5.
  • Triple shaft sealing.
  • Upper and lower sealing by means of a silicon carbide/silicon carbide mechanical seal, independent of the direction of rotation.
  • Inspection chamber with sensor for moisture protection to indicate water leakage through mechanical seal.
  • Option: Blockage- and maintenance-free internal closed looped cooling system. Cooling medium: Glycol - water mixture (standard for PE6 range).
  • Hydraulic parts with 2-channel Contrablock Plus impeller.
  • These pumps are available as standard (PE4 - PE6) and explosion-proof construction in accordance with international standards such as NEC 500 Class I, Division 1, Groups C and hazardous (classifield) locations.


Water pressure sealed Premium Efficiency motors, (3-phase, squirrel cage induction motors), from 20 to 280 kW (27 to 375 hp) and depending on hydraulic requirements as 4- to 8-pole versions.
Voltage: 460 V, 3~, 60 Hz (other voltages on request).
Insulation components: Class H (winding protection by 140 °C (284 °F) sensor)
Temperature rise: According to NEMA class A up to 125 kW and class B above.
Protection type: IP68
Start-up: DOL (direct on line), VFD or soft starter.


You have the choice of the following hydraulics in the range of DN 100 to DN 400 (4 to 16 in) discharge:

XFP 105J / 4 inch CB2 XFP 305J / 12 inch CB2
XFP 155J / 6 inch CB2 XFP 305M / 12 inch CB2
XFP 205J / 8 inch CB2 XFP 306M / 12 inch CB2
XFP 205M / 8 inch CB2 XFP 405M / 16 inch CB2
XFP 206J / 8 inch CB2    
XFP 255J / 10 inch CB2    

Performance field

Standard and Options




Max. ambient temperature 40 °C (104 °F) 60 °C (140 °F)
Max. submergence depth 20 m (66 ft) -
Mains voltage 460 V/60 Hz 230 V, 380 V, 575 V, 600 V / 60 Hz
Voltage tolerance ± 10 % at 460 V  
Insulation components Class H [140 °C/284 °F] Class H [160 °C/320 °F] (not for Ex)
Start-up DOL (direct on line), VFD or soft starter -
Approvals Non-FM NEC Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D*
Mechanical seal (at medium side) SiC-SiC (NBR) SiC-SiC (Viton execution)
Mechanical seal (at motor side) SiC-SiC -
O-rings NBR Viton
Cables G-GC, H07RN8-F EMC shielded cables
Cable length (m) 10 [33] 15 [49], 20 [66], 30 [98], 40 [131], 50 [164]
Protective coating Two component epoxy resin coating Special coatings on request
Preparation for lifting hoist Lifting hoop  Lifting hoop in stainless steel*
Cathodic protection - Zinc anodes on request
Installation Wet-well Dry-well vertical/horizontal
Motor cooling Cooling by surrounding medium Closed loop cooling system**
Moisture sensor motor housing PE6 PE3 - PE5
Moisture sensor inspection chamber PE3 - PE6 -
Vibration sensor - PE4 - PE6

Motor protection

PE3 to PE6

 PE3 to PE6




Bi-metallic switch



Thermistor (PTC) ◯*


PT 100



Moisture sensor

Inspection chamber


◯ (⚫ for PE3)

Moisture sensor

Motor housing

◯ (⚫ for PE3 and PE6)

◯** (⚫ for PE6)

Moisture sensor Connection chamber ◯** (⚫ for PE6) ◯** (⚫ for PE6)
Temperature bearing upper/lower Bi-metallic switch ◯** (⚫ for PE6) ◯** (⚫ for PE6)
Temperature bearing upper/lower Thermistor (PTC) ◯** ◯**
Temperature bearing upper/lower PT 100 ◯** ◯**
Vibration sensor 0-20 mm/s ◯** ◯**

⚫=standart, ◯=option, * PTC to be used when operated via VFD. ** Not available for PE3


Motor Standard Option
Connection chamber EN-GJL-250 -
Cooling chamber EN-GJL-250 -
Cooling jacket 1.0036* -
Motor housing EN-GJL-250 -
Motor shaft 1.4021 1.4462
Fasteners (medium contacted) 1.4401 -
Lifting hoop (PE3) 1.4401 -
Lifting hoop (PE4 & PE5) EN-GLS-400-18 1.4470
Lifting hoop (PE6) 1.0553 1.4462
Volute EN-GJL-250 1.4470
Impeller EN-GJL-250 1.4470**
Bottom plate EN-GJL-250 1.4470**
Connection system (wet)    
Pedestal EN-GJL-250 Non sparking
Fastening elements Stainless steel -
Protective coating Epoxy resin based -
Guide rail Galvanized steel Stainless steel
Pipe retainer EN-GJS-400-18 1.4470
Connection system (dry)    
Support frame 1.0036 Galvanized steel

* PE3 = EN-GJL-250 flame hardenend

 Material comparsion

Europe USA
EN 1561; EN-GJL-250 ASTM A48; Class 35 B
EN 1563; EN-GJS-400-18 ASTM A536; 60-40-18
EN 10025; 1.0036; S235JRG1 ASTM / AISI A283 (С)
EN 10025; 1.0060; E335 ASTM / AISI A572 (65)
1.4021; 1.4401 ASTM / AISI 420; 316
1.4470 ASTM A 890 4A (CD 3MN)